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Organic Box 23rd Sept 2009

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Ripe Mango Picture

Fruit: black grapes, pears, mango, bananas, apples
veg: sweetcorn, mushrooms, tomatoes, leeks, carrots, red oinions, potatoes

This is quite a busy weekend for us, so I’m going to try and cook as much of the veg as possible ahead of Sunday to free up fridge space for Champagne!  The mushrooms and leeks will go into a mushroom barley bake, the sweetcorn has already been eaten by the babies, boiled then stripped from the cobs and mixed with butter, cheese and pasta sprials.

The red onions and tomatoes will be eaten as a salad, combined with a little feta and maybe some puy lentils.  The potatoes I have earmarked for a fish pie on Saturday night.  Sadly the black grapes were too squashed, small and pippy to make much of so they have had to go as the fruit flies were driving me mad. 

We did eat the mango this morning for breakfast, and it was delicious.  Mangos never seem to hang around long enough to make into a serious dish, though I love them in a smoked trout salad, or with cherry tomatoes, chillis and red onions in a salsa to eat with tortilla chips etc.  I am hoping to manage pear and gorgonzola pizza’s next week whilst the nursery looks after my charges: that’s if the pears are still there as the baby seems to be very quick at dispatching them!